The Rings of Lordy: A Road too Far

His first encounter with the tower came from a man, stuttering nonsense at the base of a large boulder at the shire,

dumb man icon “What’re think ya doin’ wit’ya lyin by thar!?”

Lordy icon“This is where I sleep.” I calmly proclaimed

dumb man icon“Sleep? Ain’t got non a that round ‘ere! You best be workin’ mate! An’ what ya’ think ya’ doin’ here anyway, sittin out in tha cold like it ain’t makin’ yer skin crawl ya little what’re think yer boulder does fer ya? Keep ya warm that boulder ain’t doon nutthhiin.”

Lordy icon“Well you see, I’m currently-”

dumb man icon“An’ what kinda home ya think that is anyway? Na man desrves dat piece a’ boulder doin wit he could have a whole house! ain’t gon do ya no good jus’ dat boulder!”

Lordy icon“It’s not just a boulder, it’s a rock.” I professed

dumb man icon“Well anyhoo; the town needs savin’ an we first think you bein all “different lookin'” n’ all that maybe you should sort it out.”

Lordy icon“What?”

dumb man icon“Well, ya see.”

A Road too far it's evil notext

It’s Evil

Lordy icon“I see.”

It was true, between all his lolligagging, Lordy had neglected the presence of an excitingly evil evil tower in his midst. He checked again to see it if was still there.

It was.

Lordy began procuring his belongings, most important of which, and that which he was doubly certainly absolutely sure not to forget, was his sword. Often, Lordy was surrounded by a wealth of alternative gear- so much so that he seldom remembered which of it was actually important.

Lordy icon“Now let’s see… Can’t take all this into the tower now. Gonna have to leave some behind.”

Red Leather Shield

“Nah- think I’ll one-hand this one.”

Hide Bracers

“Mm, definitely metal over hide.”

Steel Boots

“Nope, padded instead. Never know when one may sneak.”

White Fur Hood

“Isn’t Black the new White now?”

Lordy icon“Alright, what’s left?”

16 Beersteins

Bag of Granola

Cooking Pot




Two halves watermelon

+12 Aglets of Fire Resistence


Wooden Training Sword

Sewing Needle


18 Rolls of Linen


Lordy icon“Mmm. that’ll do. Time ta’ head off!”

Lordy Heads into the (Evil) Tower


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