TroL The Third: A Hero is Born

Lordy approached it. The one item he had forgotten this whole journey now lay before him. The item which may have saved his life, which may have carried half his burden along with it. A sword stood before Lordy.


Carefully, Lordy crept closer. Ever cautious to carry his calamity towards the cold he caressed it’s quillion in the shape of a C.

He was ready.

Lady in the wall“Wait!”

Lordy icon“Huh?”

Lady in the wall“That sword holds untold powers!”

Lordy icon“So?”

Lady in the wall“I am the Lady in the Wall.”

Lordy icon“Ah. That explains.”

Lady in the wall full feature

Lady in the wall“That sword is very dangerous! I urge you to reconsider your decision!”

Lordy icon“Hmm. You’re right. I usually use One-Handed Weapons. This sword looks like it could be Two-Handed.”

Lady in the wall“No it’s One-Handed.”

Lordy icon“Righty-Ho then!”

And thus, The Hero Scott-Jackie Lordy was born.


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