Interlude: BanHammer Ignition

Mighty winds raged through the tower that day. Transcending time long past that to which Lordy had departed, Sword in Hand; but there was another. Buried beneath the bare walls of the tower, Jitterbug had wept.

JB hand

Until, slowly, the winds revived by Lordy’s triumph awakened her. Long had she been prisoner, trapped by weight of her previous conquests. Spirited to that tower, her skin tattooed by the cold, fearful, magical wrath which spun around her. The wind dervished. She was free.

JitterbugA“Kaek. We must find Kaek.”

JitterbugB“Oh Yes! That sounds delightful!! There’s a kitchen nearby!”

JitterbugA“What? Kaek was not a fond cook!”

JitterbugB“Oh Kaek. Is he still kicking?”

JitterbugA“It matters not. He possesses… THE ITEM.”

JitterbugB“Which? Last I checked, there were many.”

JitterbugA“The first item.”


JitterbugA“Yes… We have been seeded far too long.”

JitterbugB“By the way!”

JitterbugA“The season of germination is upon us…”

JitterbugB“Do you ever wonder why we’re here?”

JitterbugA“The spring of our reign begins!”

JitterbugB“I mean, it’s so cold, and we were so frozen.”

JitterbugA“To glory! A new sun dawns!”

JitterbugB“And it’s still cold.”

Escape the tower

Jitterbug descended the (Evil) Tower


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